5 Ways to Put a YOU in Your Holidays

1. Hang It Hang a personalized Christmas Ball on your tree. Instead of having boring old red, green, gold or silver Christmas Balls, why not hang one of your own photos? I found this Ball of Frame from National Book Store some time ago and it has easily found a special spot in our tree. It comes with easy to follow instructions that will guide you on how to put your photo in and assemble. So go ahead, pick your own holiday photo, pop it in the ball, hang it on the tree, and let the merrymaking begin. Oh, and the best part is, it never goes out of style, you can just change the photo and reuse it next year!

 2. Tag It Wait, wait, wait! Before you go around playing Santa to your friends and family, why not first add a personal touch to your gifts? Instead of using that ordinary white card that bears the store’s logo, use your own gift tag! Take out the cardstocks, the markers, the glitters, the glue, and let’s get crafty! Not up for the hands-on mess? There’s always the high tech way! Lay it all out using a computer and have it printed out – easier and cleaner that way.

 3. Send It Gone are the days when we’d head down to the bookstore to stock up on our greeting cards during Christmastime. Today, it’s all about sending e-cards, posting on walls, or just plain texting. Instead of giving out generic looking greetings, take a nice photo of your family, pets included, and create a holiday card of your own. Send it via email (or snail mail), or load it up on your phone and send it via MMS. Either way, the recipient would surely appreciate looking at your photos instead of a stock photo on a greeting card.

 4. Calendarize It Calendars are the common giveaways for the holidays. While they may indeed be useful for the new year, sometimes people just get so many of them that they tend to give the others away. Well, not if you can help it. Gather up photos of you and your family (or friends, depending on who you’re giving it to), download a calendar template from the Internet and create your own don’t-you-dare-give-this-away calendar for your friends and family. It’s an ideal gift that they will surely treasure and appreciate the whole year through.

 5. Make It There’s no better way of adding a personal touch to a gift than by actually making the gift. Think of something you’re good at – baking, writing, drawing, (something!), and create a gift out of it.  Here, I made a magazine of our Korea trip as a gift to family. It may take you so much effort and so much time (oh yeah, it took me months to finish that!) than a store-bought gift but that’s just what makes it so much more meaningful.

Happy YOU Christmas everyone! =)


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Put a YOU in Your Holidays

  1. Stopping by here! Thanks for these “me” tips, I’m sure many a busy momma could use them this holiday season. Hope you’re having a Merry Christmas! 🙂

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