My Happy Table

Despite the fact that we were only going to have a mini mini birthday celebration for DS (just immediate family, the godparents and their families), Miss Artsy me could not resist preparing a little something extra to add a bit of cheer and fun into the occasion. Notwithstanding the extra work and countless sleepless nights, I was glad to have done it. 🙂

So here, I welcome you to my happiness corner, the dessert table.

Dessert Table

For a tutorial on how I decorated the colourful cardboard letters below, see here.


I was able to find the chalkboard and easel stand at the last minute. The handwritten note gives a nice touch to the whole setup. I added the word treats because the party giveaways were also on the table.03_aCake

Pastry making is beyond my capabilities (someday maybe…) so I had to ask my friend, Jenny Tan (contact number available upon request) to do it. She made this colorful fondant cake with the cute animal toppers.


And these adorable cake pops too! For a nice presentation, I arranged these on a square styrofoam, which I covered with gift wrapping paper. I then cut out orange crepe paper to cover up the styrofoam underneath. They look too cute to eat!


And the yummy carrot cupcakes and the cutie animal cookies.


Also on the table are my party giveaways – loom bracelets! These were such a hit that even with lots of extras, there were still none left after the party. 🙂 More information and photos of this fab party giveaway here.


At least I now have something to put in DS’s birthday album. 🙂 Now if only I could find photos of the actual event…


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