How to Detangle Jewelry

I’ve had this necklace for years but it’s also been years since I’ve last used it. You see, it has a really bad and ugly knot near the pendant that I have tried but failed to detangle. Just recently, I read somewhere that baby powder can actually help do the trick. Judging by the knot, I was doubtful that it would work but it’s still worth a shot. So here goes…

Detangle Jewelry

Materials Needed:

  • Baby Powder
  • Needles
  • Tangled Jewellery

Detangle Jewelry

I put a little powder onto the knot and used the needles to work on it. It was a good while before I had any progress but progress it was. I found that it was best to lay the jewellery flat on the table and use a needle on each hand to remove the tangles. Work on it as you would shred meat. 🙂

Detangle Jewelry

After about 15 minutes, I was able to completely remove the knots! Yahoo! Jewellery saved!

Detangle Jewelry

For other brilliant uses of baby powder, I found a Reader’s Digest article on it here.



How to make Diaper Dolls

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Racking my brains for a gift idea for our hospital visit, I finally settled with doing a diaper cake. As any mom can attest, diaper gifts really come in handy because newborns really use up soooooo many of it. But one cannot simply hand over a bag of diapers and call it a gift though, oh no, one must make it nice and pretty, presentable at least. 🙂

On mine, I placed these diaper dolls on top of the diaper cake, along with other baby necessities. These are so cute because they give the whole ensemble a lively, happy touch. Plus, they’re very easy to make.

Diaper Dolls

What You’ll Need

Diaper Dolls Materials

For each doll, you’ll need:

  1. Rolled-up diaper
  2. A pair of wiggly eyes
  3. A washcloth
  4. Ribbons
  5. A baby mitten

How to make them?

1. Place the washcloth under the rolled-up diaper, like below.


2. Roll it up like a burrito.


3. Fold the excess at the back.


4. Place the mitten on top. The garter will hold the excess (tail folded at the back) in place.


5. Glue the wiggly eyes onto the diaper.


6. Decorate with ribbons. Use a marker pen to draw its mouth.


Ta-da! These are my diaper dolls. 🙂


Here they are on the cake, along with their mama bear.




How to Fix an Inflatable

In the past, whenever our inflatables get a hole, whether it’s a toy or a swimming gear, it was headed straight to the trash. Not that I didn’t try to fix them, it’s just that I always fail. One day, it’d be all patched up and filled with air but deflated again the next. Ugh! I finally gave up.

That is, until now.

When our air mattress leaked, I was determined to find a solution. It was just too much of a waste to throw it in the bin. After trying a couple of methods, I’m happy to say that I was able to successfully patch it up. It stayed nice and comfy when I woke up the next morning, and the morning after that, and the morning after that, and the morning after that…

Find the Hole

First thing you need to do is to find the hole. It’s easier said than done. It took me a couple of days to find it but here’s what worked for me:

  1. Fill the inflatable with air, more than you’d usually do.
  2. Sit on it, lie on it, put pressure on it.
  3. Feel the surface for cold air. Do it systematically, from left to right, top to bottom, front to back. Some say that our lips are more sensitive to the cold air so you can pucker up. I was able to feel the hole with my cheeks though so that works too.
  4. Once you’ve found the hole, remember its location and deflate the mattress completely.

Hole on Air Mattress

Clean the Surface

It was unfortunate that the hole I found was on the flocked/velvet side of the mattress. Since most adhesives would not adhere to that surface, I had to scrape that off. I did not have sand paper so I used an exfoliating pad that I have at home. I dabbed it with a little water and started scraping off the velvet side.

Must Remove Flock

Here’s what it looked like after all that scraping. The PVC material underneath is now showing.


Patch the Hole

To patch it up, I used the following:

  1. A pair of scissors (to cut a patch of tarpaulin)
  2. A small patch of tarpaulin
  3. Adhesive – I used Handy Fix (the one with AiAi delas Alas on the packaging) that I got for P55 from Handyman Homecenter


I loaded the small patch of tarpaulin with LOTS of adhesive. I didn’t want to take any chances. 😛 I then stuck it into the air mattress making sure to flatten out any air pockets. For good measure, I placed a heavy set of books on top of it and only inflated it after 24 hours.


So here it is, all inflated and still good after a a week of use. Knock on wood! 🙂

Air Mattress

I’ve tried the same procedure to fix the others also like this punching bag sea lion (I don’t know what it’s really called).

Fix Inflatable

Hope you find this useful!




My Happy Table

Despite the fact that we were only going to have a mini mini birthday celebration for DS (just immediate family, the godparents and their families), Miss Artsy me could not resist preparing a little something extra to add a bit of cheer and fun into the occasion. Notwithstanding the extra work and countless sleepless nights, I was glad to have done it. 🙂

So here, I welcome you to my happiness corner, the dessert table.

Dessert Table

For a tutorial on how I decorated the colourful cardboard letters below, see here.


I was able to find the chalkboard and easel stand at the last minute. The handwritten note gives a nice touch to the whole setup. I added the word treats because the party giveaways were also on the table.03_aCake

Pastry making is beyond my capabilities (someday maybe…) so I had to ask my friend, Jenny Tan (contact number available upon request) to do it. She made this colorful fondant cake with the cute animal toppers.


And these adorable cake pops too! For a nice presentation, I arranged these on a square styrofoam, which I covered with gift wrapping paper. I then cut out orange crepe paper to cover up the styrofoam underneath. They look too cute to eat!


And the yummy carrot cupcakes and the cutie animal cookies.


Also on the table are my party giveaways – loom bracelets! These were such a hit that even with lots of extras, there were still none left after the party. 🙂 More information and photos of this fab party giveaway here.


At least I now have something to put in DS’s birthday album. 🙂 Now if only I could find photos of the actual event…



Loom Bands as Party Giveaways

There’s no denying that loom bands are the “in” thing these days. I’ve succumbed to the craze and have bought myself some bands and a loom (3 actually) to work on. Being the only girl in the family though, I am the only one who enjoys my creations. Oh what fun.

So with DS’s birthday coming up, I decided to make loom bracelets as the party giveaways. Yey! What a great way to continue making wonderful creations and have others enjoy them too!

Where to Buy?

To start with this project, I looked for a source for the loom bands. Since I will be giving it to guests, I wanted them to be pretty and of good quality. I’ve tried the cheaper kinds and have found that they easily break. Ugh! I always hate it when a band breaks, especially when you’re so far along your creation! And so I was glad to have found HoneyBee Online Shop, a shop that sources its bands from the same makers of the original Rainbow Loom. That would mean quality almost at par with the original but with a price not as steep. I decided to get the metallic coloured bands since I wanted my bracelets to look special for the guests.


Which Design?

At first, I decided to make the ever so stretchy hexafish (top photo) but eventually decided against it when the metallics lost their colour from too much stretch. In hindsight, I’m glad that I had to choose another style since my hands always end up sore after creating the over stretchy hexafish design. After trying out a couple of other designs, I found the perfect alternative, the criss cross quadfish (bottom photo). It maintains the same roundness but is far easier for my hands and it really lets the metallic colours shine.

loom bracelets


Of course I cannot just give out the bracelets like that, they have to be in some sort of packaging. I decided to make thank you cards to go along with them.

Thank you card

I tied the bracelets with ribbons (pink for girly colours and red for darker boyish colours and orange, not in pic, for kids sizes) onto the card.


Voila! This is how it looks. The roundness of the criss cross quadfish makes it a perfect choice for the packaging. It looks like a nice wreath.

Thank You Card

Since each gift was indeed handmade with love, I decided to add a stamp on the card that indicates it. To those who’ve gotten theirs, hope you all like it! 😉

Handmade with Love



DIY Cardboard Letter Design Tutorial

These days, cardboard letters are everywhere! We see them in birthday parties, adorning the stage, the cake table, and the dessert table. We see them in kids’ rooms decorating the walls. They can go as small as 3 inches to as big as a couple of feet. In this post, I’ll show you how I decorated these cardboard letters for use on a dessert table. This photo shows the before and after of the letters.


Where to Buy?

According to my friend, she was able to buy her cardboard letters from Tabora in Divisoria. Small ones cost P10, medium at P20, and large at P65. Not being a Divisoria girl, I tried my luck at the Greenhills tyangge and was able to find some. Whew! The largest ones they have are 12 inches high, which are just perfect for my taste. I was able to haggle the price down to P80 per letter (their initial price was P120!). I find the letters a bit too thin though, save for the first letter E. That E was from a different store. I like the thickness of it but sadly, they don’t have all the letters I need.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Cardboard Letters
  2. Coloured Papers – gift wrappers, scrapbook sheets, magazine pages
  3. Glue – I’d recommend the stick kind, not the liquid type since the latter makes the wrapping paper too wet and creasy
  4. Scissors
  5. Paint – I find that acrylic paint works best and it leaves a glossy finish unlike the dull effect from poster paint
  6. Paintbrush



  1. Cut the paper to the size of the letter plus a bit of extra so that you can wrap it and let it “bleed” to the sides.
  2. Glue the paper onto the cardboard.
  3. Paint the sides of the cardboard. I find that it’s nicer not to paint too close to the edge but to leave a little of the paper unpainted to give a nice wraparound look.
  4. Let it dry. Proceed to do the next letter.


For this letter, I could not find papers with colours that matched my palette so I resorted to tearing pieces from magazines.  It became like a collage and came out real nice.


Again, these are the letters once finished.


And here they are up on the table with all the adornment, minus the desserts (not yet done with those). =)



Hope you find this useful!



DIY Monogrammed Baptismal Candles

Oh my, it’s just a couple of weeks before DS’s baptismal/first birthday and I still have some a lot of things to prepare! I’ve just managed to partially tick off one item off my to-do list and that is the baptismal candles. I say only partially because I haven’t finished all the candles yet but I’m just too excited to share it with you guys so I’m already posting this.

I decided to make something more special than the generic bear design I made two years ago for Ky’s baptismal. Thinking of a more personalised look, I thought of adding the godparent’s name letter on the candle. After a couple of tries, here’s the design that I was finally satisfied with.  Aren’t they lovely?


To make these, I used the following:

  1. Ribbons – I used two different kinds, the mesh one for the body while the satin one for the top and bottom border. I chose blue for the ninongs and pink for the ninangs.
  2. Candles
  3. Letter Charms – I got these at P10 each from a shop that sells accessories.
  4. Gem Stickers – These are gems with a sticky back already so you just cut and stick. I got these from National Bookstore at P32 each.
  5. Adhesive – You can use glue gun, double sided tape, super glue or any adhesive to make the ribbons adhere to the candle wax


Here’s how I did it:

  1. Starting from the middle of the candle, wrap the mesh ribbon all the way to the bottom. It took me around 18 to 20 inches of ribbon for each candle, depending on the ribbon width. Make sure to glue both the start and end part of the ribbon to the candle.
  2. Cut 2 satin ribbons (one for the top and one for the bottom) according to the candle’s diameter. Add about a centimeter for extra.
  3. Top: Insert the letter charm onto the satin ribbon and wrap ribbon around the candle. Fasten both ends with glue.
  4. Bottom: Wrap satin ribbon around the candle. Fasten both ends with glue. Wrap around gem sticker onto satin ribbon and cut off excess.

Ta-da! Here are some more photos of my monogrammed baptismal candles.


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