Story Time with the Pirates at Tutoring Club

Just off the shores of Never Land
A hideaway at sea
Yo Ho! Yo Ho!
Let’s Go! Let’s Go!
A pirate band outwits the plans
of Captain Hook and Smee
Yo Ho! Yo Ho!
Let’s Go! Let’s Go!

Kids, boys especially, are a big fan of pirates and buccaneers, thanks to the ever popular Jake and the Neverland Pirates on TV. When I saw this invite of Storrry Time with Pirrrates, I jumped at it, sure that DA would have a good time. It was originally slated on the 20th of September but due to typhoon Mario’s devastation, it was rescheduled to the 27th.

Story Time with the Pirates

The place was teeming with kids already when we arrived. While waiting for the program to start, the kids got to do some colouring of pirate artworks.

Story Time with the Pirates

Avast mateys! There’s one buccaneer! And he turned out to be the storyteller. The story for the day was A Pirate’s Night before Christmas. 86 Days before Christmas, by the way.

Story Time with the Pirates

The kids started to gather around.

Story Time with the Pirates

It wasn’t long before they all crowded up close to see the pictures in the book (much to DA’s dismay so he kept saying, “I can’t see! I can’t see!)

Story Time with the Pirates

The kids look enthralled with the pirate story.

Story Time with the Pirates

To spice up the whole storytelling activity, these tokens were introduced. Pretending that these were gold-a-blooms or gold coins, those who answer the questions correctly get a coin. These can then be used to buy treasure in the store later on.

Story Time with the Pirates

Oooh! This caught DA’s attention! He wanted to get one as much as the next kid. He instantly came out of his shell and started shouting answers. “I found a pirate! I found a pirate!”, he’d add.

Story Time with the Pirates

After the story, there were games for the kids to earn more gold-a-blooms. This one is a game of sequencing, arranging the photos in the sequence of the story. It’s more for the older kids though so we didn’t get to join.

Story Time with the Pirates

The next game was for everyone so we got all excited again. Hidden all over the room were these photos, we were supposed to collect those that were related to the story. We got 2 more gold-a-blooms from this game.

Story Time with the Pirates

While everyone was falling in line to buy treasure in the store, we took a moment to have a photo op with these mateys!

Story Time with the Pirates

There’s the treasure store! Toys, candies, marshmallows were up for grabs. You just had to present your collected gold-a-blooms to exchange. This was so you won’t take the tokens home because Tutoring Club actually uses them as rewards in their tutoring classes.

Story Time with the Pirates

After all that fun, the sponsors had their turn giving a short message about their products.

Story Time with the Pirates

About the Sponsors

Tutoring Club Tutoring Club is a skills-based tutoring center that teaches Math, Reading comprehension, grammar and writing composition skills. It has 5 branches all over the metro, namely, Alabang, Banilad Town Center in Cebu, Bonifacio High Street, Rockwell, and San Juan.

Story Time with the Pirates

SRA! I remember doing these in high school before. Someone always had to get these boxes from the teacher’s room.

Story Time with the Pirates

JoomaJam Ritmo Learning Lab’s first multimedia, music-driven preschool learning tool for parents and other grown-ups. JoomaJam brings you rockstar-made, educator-approved, kid-friendly songs with fun learning activities! Their bi-lingual CDs feature some of the renowned OPM artists like Gary Valenciano, Jolina Magdangal, Rivermaya, and The Itchyworms.

Story Time with the Pirates

ZAP With ZAP, you can get 5% – 20% cashback at your favorite establishments all over the metro just by using your mobile phone. You just have to register for free, start earning points and you can then pay with the points you’ve earned. I’ve already signed up and you can use my code CPOLICAN to earn your first 50 points! 🙂


Hearty thanks to these sponsors for making the event possible and to Akiba Cafe for the yummy iced coffee and to The Royal Piccaidlly Restaurant and Cakery for the delectable cupcakes served during the event. Thanks also to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for sharing the invitation.

Till our next pirate adventure! Arrrgggh! See ya chum!



Building a #healthierPH with Unilab Foundation

One of the things that I often pray for is good health – good health for me, for my family, and for my dear friends. That small circle however, does not seem to be enough as Unilab Foundation, Unilab’s humanitarian arm, wants to take it a notch (a great notch!) further to include the entire Philippines! Curious as to how the whole country can be rallied to be healthy, I signed up to join the #healthierPH event held last September 16, 2014 at Sentro 1771 in Capitol Commons, Pasig. Unilab Foundation invite

This delectable display of food was already waiting for us when we got there.

Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

The place was set up with a touch of techy-ness to keep up with the “social media rockstars” (ahem ahem, I felt so honoured to be referred to as one) who were the guests of the event. Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

Papers in the form of iPads were ready on the table for taking notes.

Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

On every table, there were these gadget holders (useful for taking selfies!) for us to use. It held the event’s program that was in the form of an iPhone. Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

These were the key words in our media kit, which we’ll later learn are Unilab Foundation’s programs to help build a #healthierPH. Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

The program kickstarted with Unilab Foundation’s Executive Director, Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi giving the opening remarks. She shared that she used to work for various countries but a bigger calling came, and that was to come back home and be of service to her countrymen. Hooray! Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

How to Build a #healthierPH?

This slide sums up the programs that Unilab Foundation designed to build a healthier Philippines one person and one community at a time. Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

  • Bayanihan Sagad aims to educate and empower the Filipino elderly by promoting active ageing and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Project Inclusion seeks to prove by way of a research study that hiring PWDS, particularly those with Autism and Down Syndrome, is the right thing to do because it is good for the business and it is good for the employed PWD.
  • Leadership Journey helps train doctors be leaders in their profession so that they can lead patients to better health in their role as department heads, hospital directors, heads of missions, and officers of medical societies
  • Play It Forward targets children’s holistic development and aims to significantly improve their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being through play.
  • Ideas Positive is a venue for college students to share their innovative and sustainable ideas which will address health and wellness concerns of their chosen communities, and more importantly, turn those ideas into reality. 

Okay, so How Can We Help?

To build a healthier Philippines, each of us must volunteer and contribute our share. Now before the word volunteer sends you running and making excuses, this concept of volunteerism has adapted with the digital age. Gone is the idea of having to physically be at a certain place to be able to volunteer. We can all volunteer just by clicking our mouses and tapping our keyboards. No extra money to give? No problem. No extra time to spare? No problem! Through the #healthierPH Volunteer Portal, one can share a talent or simply click the share button to volunteer.

During the event, there were 2 laptops there for the guests to create an account. To be able to try the whole process would take a while though so I waited to get home to get my hands on it. I’ll show you a walk through below.

Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

Apart from the Volunteer Portal launch, there was also an Instagram selfie contest during the event. Among the winners were these two lovelies, Mommy Celerhina of Reigning Still Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

and Kisty of Kisty.net (Oh yes, her hair is really pink! 🙂 )

Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

Oh look, there’s the real social media rockstar getting serious at the event! 🙂 I think he might be having a hard time choosing which activity to volunteer. LOL! 🙂 Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

#healthierPH Volunteer Portal

When I finally got in front of the computer, I went to www.unilabfoundation.org to create an account and see for myself how the whole thing works. To create an account, one can choose to register or use his Facebook account to login. Not wanting to be bothered by a registration form, I chose the latter. Once done, I was shown my profile. There’s my purple girl voluntar (volunteer avatar) at zero points. You can customize the gender and colour of the voluntar by clicking Edit Voluntar on the top right. Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

Excited to get started, I clicked on the Plus sign on the upper right corner and was shown this page, the Volunteer Project List. This page lists all the current programs where I can volunteer. I simply had to click on the button under the corresponding activity that I wanted to be a part of. Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

I tried one of the activities with the X2 multiplier, Blog it Forward. I was supposed to blog about the importance of play in a child’s development and submit it in Unilab Foundation’s Facebook page.

Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

After volunteering for that, I went back to my profile. There was a locked/greyed out gift waiting for me. It said that I can only unlock it once I’ve rendered service. Oh, darn! Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

And so I chose another one, one that does not need to wait. My EQ is low that way. LOL! I chose the simple click and share ones and was immediately rewarded a gift. Yey! 🙂 The item also came with a healthy tip associated with the gift.

Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

After X number of days, I finally finished my the blog assignment. Read about it here. I submitted it and immediately after, the reward reflected in my profile. 2 Chocolates! Yum! 🙂 Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

Wondering what I could do with the items and why my earned points remained zero, I decided to try to Use the items. Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

As I used up the items, my points increased by 10. The three items (2 chocolates and 1 comfy bed with pillow) totalled to 30 points. Apart from Use, one can also Share the item. I haven’t tried the Share though as I have no more items. I’ll have to volunteer some more to be able to give you some. 🙂 I’m almost halfway through the first level and I can’t wait to reach the next! I’m also excited to be rewarded with uncommon, rare, very rare, ultra rare, super rare, mega rare, and special items (whew!) in the future.  🙂 Unilab Foundation #healthierPH

In the spirit of volunteerism and of good health, I urge you to try this too. It’s a different and fun way to share our time and our abilities to contribute to a better and healthier Philippines. BlogSign


Blogapalooza, Here I Come!

Blogapalooza Instagram 1

For some time now, Blogapalooza has been the word of the day in the online community that I am a part of. It’s the event for bloggers! Quoting the Blogapalooza website,

Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share. Blogapalooza is a blogger event on crack! Lots of giveaways for the bloggers and online community and a chance for big and small businesses to present their product / brand / thingamajig to hundreds of influential bloggers and online social media influencers.

While I may have started this blog a couple of years back, it was only in the last couple of months that I have really channeled my blogger persona, thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines. Being a newbie in all of this, I was hesitant to sign up. Besides, it says it right there “influential bloggers and online social media influencers”. With just a few page views, I think I’m far from influential.

Seeing the other mommies in the community sign up however, gave me the courage to register as well. You’d have to register and be invited to be able to attend. So I registered, crossed my fingers, and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. After a long wait and still no invite, I was feeling heartbroken. Maybe, I really am not ready yet. I felt so glum that I didn’t get an invitation while everyone else was getting theirs – until I got mine. Hooray Hooray! 🙂 I’m now part of the list.


Registration is still open.

Bloggers can register here.

Businesses can register here.

See you there!



Toy Expo 2014

Whenever we ask DA where he wants to go, his answer is always a loud and cheerful “TOY STORE!” When we heard about Toy Expo 2014 happening at the SMX Convention Center Manila on August 29-31, 2014, we decided to bring him to the biggest “toy store” he’s ever been to. 😛

The sign is soooo nice! 🙂 After I took this photo, a boy accidentally broke the bottom part of the O that it fell off. Oh dear!

Toy Expo 2014

This is the first thing that greets you when you step inside.

Toy Expo 2014 Disney

On one side were LEGO displays of popular tourist destinations. Here, we have Malaysia’s Petronas Towers and Taipei’s Taipei 101.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego Buildings

On top, Thailand’s Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai. Bottom, China’s Great Wall.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego Buildings

Singapore’s Merlion and our very own Rizal Park.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego Buildings

Here’s a closer look at one of the LEGO displays.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego Buildings

Most of the booths have a play area like this where the kids and kids at heart can play.

Toy Expo 2014 Lego

Why are they all huddled up and looking busy?

Toy Expo 2014 Gundam

Turns out they’re exercising their brains by fixing Gundam Model kits! It says it right there, research confirms that model kit making trains the brain! 🙂

Toy Expo 2014 Gundam

Here are some finished Gundam Build Fighters Models.

Toy Expo 2014 Gundam

There’s the Monopoly booth where you can play the board game.

Toy Expo 2014 Monopoly

And the Play-Doh booth where a lot of kids were making Play-Doh ice cream.

Toy Expo 2014 PlayDoh

For Sony PlayStation fans, there’s the DRIVECLUB and Just Dance.

Toy Expo 2014 Playstation

Only in Toy Expo 2014 do the fans get to try the newest PlayStation 4 racing game called DRIVECLUB. It’s slated to be released in the US by October 2014 so don’t miss out this great opportunity to try the game for free as early as now!

Toy Expo 2014 Playstation

I was amazed by this complex track! There was a train (blurry 4-coach train in the middle) that was slowly traversing this winding maze.

Toy Expo 2014 Rollercoaster

If I was amazed by the one above, I was blown away by this! This is SlotMax, the world’s first lock track system. The car was going so fast that my phone camera was not able to capture it. The car can go up to 22kph and travel a distance of up to 30+ meters! DA kept exclaiming “Wow!” whenever the car whizzed by him.

Toy Expo 2014 Slotmax

Since I was not able to capture them in the tracks, I just took photos of the cars on display.

Toy Expo 2014 Slotmax

My husband and brothers would surely love this! It’s Call of Duty Collector Construction Sets by MEGA BLOCKS.

Toy Expo 2014 Call of Duty

Out of their boxes, they look like this. I could almost hear the gun shots amidst the loud whirring of the chopper blades.

Toy Expo 2014 Call of Duty

There were a lot of First Seen Here signs. Among them are these ultra comfy Jelly Nelly sandals which you can customise by decorating with loom bands! Great, right?

Toy Expo 2014 Jelly Nelly

The brand Fashion Angels also has so many First Seen Here items like the Darn Yarn, a bow headband kit and the Barefoot Sandals and Bracelet Kit. It’s so fun to be kikay here! 🙂

Toy Expo 2014 Fashion Angels

Other activities include Rainbow Loom band making and playing with Baby Alive Dolls.

Toy Expo 2014 Activities

That time, we were able to catch the Lalaloopsy Meet and Greet. Fans get to have their photos taken with their favourite characters on stage.

Toy Expo 2014 LalaLoopsy

Going around all those booths sure was fun but it can make one hungry too! Good thing there’s this Hello Kitty Cafe to keep the visitors’ tummies full. Side note, is Hello Kitty really not a cat??!

Toy Expo 2014 Hello Kitty Cafe

The cafe offers sandwiches, waffles and pancakes, pastas, baked pies, and beverages.

Toy Expo 2014 Hello Kitty Cafe

There’s also Ben10 Omniverse and Adventure Time.

Toy Expo 2014 Ben10

Visitors get to take photos with their favourite characters on display.

Toy Expo 2014 Ben10

Couldn’t resist taking another photo of the Disney booth. Hihihi

Toy Expo 2014 Mickey

We went home with this very nice loot, a remote controlled Lamborghini. It was originally priced at P1899.75 and now down to P500. That’s around 70% off! What a great deal, right? Also, you can wear the controller like a watch, just perfect for the birthday boy who’s been requesting for a watch! LOL!

Toy Expo 2014 RC

Why you should go

  1. Entrance is FREE.
  2. Discounts. Toys are at a discounted rate that you cannot get from visiting the toy stores. You can get as much as 70% off. Early Christmas shopping!
  3. First Seen Here. There are a lot of toys making their debut in the Toy Expo so it’s nice to be the first ones to see and experience them.
  4. Character Meet and Greet
  5. Lots of Activities for the kids. You can spend a whole day there and the children won’t get bored.

TIP: It was frrrrreeeezing inside, which was why we stayed only for a little while. Do bring your jackets for a more comfortable shopping and playing experience. 🙂

For a list of the stage activities, please refer to the schedule below.

Toy Kingdom Toy Expo Philippines 2014 Stage Activities




Fun Animal Adventure at Kinder Zoo

“Manila Zoo?? Buhay pa ba yun? (Is that still open?)” That’s the resounding question I got when I told people that I had gone to visit the old zoo. “Why not so and so zoo?” “It’s so much nicer at the other zoos.” “Yes, a lot of nicer animals at so and so.” “There’s nothing much to see and do in Manila Zoo, right?” They went on saying.


Unknown to many, inside the 55-year old state-owned zoo is a privately owned half hectare of land called Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle. Owned by GMA Network’s CEO, Joel Marcelo Gozon Jimenez, Kinder Zoo is an interactive zoological facility that features exotic animals that can be held and fed. Last August 23, 2014, it welcomed both media and bloggers to take a tour around its facilities and introduced to us two of its most famous residents, both of whom have starred in Hollywood’s blockbuster movies. Wow, right?!

Come on, let’s go!

From Manila Zoo’s main entrance, turn left to enter Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle. There’s a separate minimal entrance fee for this facility. You can check out the prices at the end of this post.

Kinder Zoo Facade

After entering the gate, we found ourselves in this cool shaded pathway with colourful LEGO animals to greet us.

Kinder Zoo Path

Going in further, we found a kiddie pool that looked so refreshing on that warm sunny day. We were told that guests can book the whole place for a pool party. A zoo pool party! Now, that’s sure to be a hit! 🙂

Kinder Zoo Pool

The program started with DJs from DZME 1530 Radyo Uno building rapport with the audience as they enjoy the sumptuous buffet. CreatiVoices CEO, Voice Master Pocholo Gonzales (left) also joined them and wowed the crowd by doing voice impersonations of popular animal characters like Pong Pagong, Kiko Matsing, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Barney.

DZME Hosts

While everyone’s busy, I slipped away for a while. The animals were calling. 🙂


These pretty birds were just perched on the trees, free to roam, free to play. There’s the grass owl on the left, lady birds on the right, and the colorful Toucan at the bottom.

Kinder Zoo Birds

There were also tortoises (land-based turtles) doing uhm, something.


These are the Indian Star Tortoises. They are usually found in dry areas and scrub forests in India and Sri Lanka. They got the star on their name from the black and yellow radiating streaks pattern on their shells (seen more on the smaller tortoise on the left).

Indian Star Tortoise

There were also animals that the guests can take a ride on.


Interactive Zoo

The birds were very tame and well-trained to perch on guests’ arms. Here, both kids and kids at heart take turns in getting a photo with the white Cuckatoo.


Here, a man braces for a lips-to-lips with the friendly Toucan.


Guests were allowed to feed the birds, with dietician approved food, of course. The bottom photo shows a woman throwing banana pieces to the birds.

feeding birds

There’s DA knocking on the tortoise’s hard shell. Guests were encouraged to touch and feel the tortoises shell but never to sit on them.

interaction turtle

Aww, this Gibbon is just too cute with his yellow diaper. When he’s not monkeying around, he also gets a photo op with the park’s young guests.


I came back just in time to listen to Kinder Zoo’s Marketing Director Grace Bondad Nicolas (left) give a short talk. Operations Manager, Juana “Neneng” Lubrico (right) also went onstage to introduce our first guest, 50-year old Sulcata Tortoise, Mr. T. His blockbuster movie is still showing in cinemas by the way. 😛

Marketing Director and Operations Manager

Sulcata Tortoises

Here comes Mr. T, carried by 2 personnel. Yes, he’s that heavy! 50 years may sound like a long time already but these Sulcatas can live over a hundred years, with the oldest recorded at 182 years old! Wow, I feel so young! 🙂 Their shells can grow to over 1 meter in length and they can weigh over 40kgs. They eat grass, plants, and cactuses. Unlike regular turtles, these tortoises are not shy and actually look forward to being with humans. They love being fed but do be careful with their sharp beak.

In comes Mr. T

Here’s a closer look at Mr. T.

Mr. T Up Close

Kinder Zoo has been successful in breeding these tortoises. Here, a 4-month old baby Sulcata Tortoise was placed on top of 50-year old Mr. T.

Mr. T with baby

Hey there, little fella!

Baby T Up Close

DA with Mr. T when the latter was back in his environment.

Mr. T back

Hyacinthe Macaw

Meet our second guest. Which movie have you seen this smart looking BLUE parrot? Right you are! It’s in the movie Rio! Well, to be really accurate, the ones in the movie were Spix’s Macaws and this beauty here is a close relative. Kinder Zoo is proud to conserve 7 Hyacinthe Macaws in its facilities. These macaws, native to Brazil, are the largest flying parrot in the world. Sadly though, they are considered endangered, numbering approximately only 4,000 in the wild.

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinthe Macaws are known as the clowns of the parrot family because of their yellow skin that make them look like they are constantly smiling. The staff was not kidding when he said that these birds are naturally inquisitive and playful. Just look at these photos of them that I took! 🙂

Hyacinth Macaw - So Cute!

Mommy, can I take one home? Puh-lease!!

Hyacinth Macaw - So Cute!

Oh and did I mention that these birds are at a whopping P800,000 each?

Hyacinth Macaw - So Cute!

This is their caged aviary. It’s amazing how they immediately fly to you when you stand by their cage. Be careful of their beaks though as they are powerful and have a crushing strength of 3000 pounds per inch. The 7 Hyacinthe Macaws have called this home for the past 5 years, growing and maturing into adult birds. Sometime this year, Kinder Zoo will no longer display the Macaws that have paired up and will set them up for breeding in its new breeding facility. Awww… So be sure to catch them while they’re still at Kinder Zoo!

Macaw Cage

After the event, we all got to take home souvenir Hyacinthe Macaw feathers. Nice! We’re all a tiny fraction of P800,000 richer. LOL! And no, they did not pluck them off the birds, they naturally shed these feathers, if you must know.

Souvenir Feathers

Before heading to the exit, this charming Toucan made his way to my arm for an obligatory photo-op. 🙂

With Toucan

Finishing the rest of my tour, I saw this wall climbing facility near the exit. Apart from this, Kinder Zoo also offers other activities like Zip Lining.

Wall Climbing

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee is just P100 per person. With this, you can already do the basics of taking photos and interacting with the animals. To really maximize your jungle adventure however, you may opt to get their SuperSulit Bundle for only P250 which includes the wall climbing, zip line ride, swimming, butterfly garden, horseback riding, bird, fish, and turtle feeding, and sideway climbing.


Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle
Inside the compound of Manila Zoo
M. Adriatico Street cor. President Quirino Avenue,
City of Manila
(02) 522-6179
(02) 475-5775
9:30AM – 6:00PM
Open everyday including holidays
*Visitors will have to enter Manila Zoo to be able to purchase an entrance ticket to Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle


I would love for you to experience the Kinder Zoo fun firsthand so I am giving away 5 tickets to Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle. And since my birthday is coming up in a few days, I’ll also throw in a goody bag with lots of kiddie stuffs.

tickets prizes

Here’s how to join:

  1. Like Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy on Facebook
  2. Comment your full name, email address, and who you’ll share the Kinder Zoo tickets with on this blog post.

Entries will be accepted until September 25, 2014, 11:59PM. Good luck! 🙂

P.S. We also visited Manila Zoo to check out the animals there. Photo Gallery here.



Engineering for Kids Day 2

We got some good news the other day, the Engineering for Kids trial at Cambridge Centre for Child Development Greenhills was going to be a 2-day event! (Read about Day 1 here.) Yipeee! More Science coolness coming our way!

As a continuation of the previous day’s activity, they’re going to build a stomp rocket. Sounds awesome, right?

I was a bit late in going to the venue because of this…Hihihihihi!


When I got there, the teacher was doing a review (and an orientation for the new students) of the rocket concept from day 1. It was nice to see a drawing of a rocket up on the board to give the kids a more concrete visualization. They reviewed the parts of the rocket and this time, the kids were able to remember because the teachers used visual cues, like holding the nose to mean the nose of the rocket.

Engineering for Kids 2

As before, after the introduction, the kids went to work on their own rockets.

Engineering for Kids 2

When his rocket was finished, this boy happily made it “fly”. Boys really love this stuff!

Engineering for Kids 2

When everyone was finished with their work, they all trooped out to try it out! Coolness! The launcher was a T-shaped PVC pipe contraption with a plastic bottle to stomp on.

Engineering for Kids 2

3-2-1, liftoff!

Engineering for Kids 2

This adorable little girl was a little hesitant to try it out at first but eventually warmed up to it and kept going back to try it.

Engineering for Kids 2

Loads of fun! 🙂 Not to mention, educational!

Interested? Please refer to my previous post for more information and how to enroll your kids in this cool after-school program. 🙂



Trying out Engineering for Kids

Do you still remember what was fun about your Science subject in school? Wasn’t it the lab where you got to do experiments, build things and make things explode? Didn’t you wish that there were more practicals and less theory memorisation? Fast forward to today, that wish has been granted! Though not really a school, Engineering for Kids provides just that! 

With its origins in the US, Engineering for Kids offers after-school programs that introduce Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to kids as young as 4. It offers programs that let children learn about STEM through real-life problems and applications.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a free trial of Engineering for Kids at Cambridge Child Development Centre in Greenhills. The class was composed of 6 students with ages ranging from 2.6 to 5 years old. It was roughly an hour long and the topic was Aerospace Engineering where the kids got to build their own rockets. How exciting!

There were two teachers in the class of 6, teacher Micky and teacher Tats.

Engineering For Kids Trial

To get the kids interested, Teacher Tats brought out her nifty-looking rocket launcher and made a demo of how to make a “rocket” fly with just the push of air. She then proceeded to identify the parts of the rocket for the kids (and me!).

Engineering For Kids Trial

Here’s a closeup of the launcher and the rocket.

Engineering For Kids Trial

3.5-year old Andrew was quick to answer questions and volunteer.

Engineering For Kids Trial

The kids were given a chance to make their own rockets with straw, paper, and clay. They were each given a sheet of paper with the fins of the rocket to colour and cut.

Engineering For Kids Trial

And so they made their rockets’ fins look nice and colourful.


And then they cut them out. The younger kids needed help on this.

Engineering For Kids Trial

The teachers were quick to assist the students whenever they needed help. Here, teacher Micky helps Ky in taping the fins to the straw.

Engineering For Kids Trial

Now to the fun part! They got to launch their rockets! The kids had a blast taking turns letting their rockets fly. Whenever something went wrong, like if the rocket did not fly or it did not go very far, the teachers would explain the reason and provide remedies.

Engineering For Kids Trial

Off the rockets went! While some got a jolt, majority of the kids’ faces registered, “Wow! Cool!”

Engineering For Kids Trial

Look how happy this boy was with his rocket!

Engineering For Kids Trial

All in all, it was a fun experience for the kids (and the kids at heart). It’s just an additional hour after school and yet the kids get to discover and learn a lot more Science (and T-E-M) that they will always remember, it being fun and all. Just a couple of thoughts though:

  1. It would have been nice to have an intro first of rockets, like a video to orient the kids. Or better yet after, so that they can associate what they did to the real thing.
  2. There were kids as young as 2 in the class. I think the older the kids are, the more they’d appreciate the science part of the whole thing.

Update: Read about Day 2 here! 🙂

If you’re interested, Engineering for Kids is offered at Cambridge Child Development Centre- Greenhills. Contact details below.


Level 10-1, Fort Legend Tower 3rd Ave,
31st Street, Bonifacio Global City 1632
Taguig, Metro Manila
(63-2) 224 4170


Ground Floor, Connecticut Arcade
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Earning Cash from Scrap

While doing some shopping in Greenhills, I’ve noticed a number of green posters and tarpaulin banners all around. Cash for Scrap, it says. Cash for Scrap? As in they’ll pay me for my trash?? After reading the details, I  quickly hurried home. Shopping can wait, I have some trash collecting to do!

1_JunkCollected Hours later, I’ve managed to convert one of our rooms into a junk yard with my loot.  Here are what I’ve got:

  1. Plastic Bottles – drinking bottles, shampoo bottles, yogurt cups, I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep all of those!
  2. Paper Bags – There are just soooo many! I still have a hard time parting with the nice ones.
  3. Boxes – Toy boxes, gift boxes, big boxes, small boxes, boxes with color, boxes without
  4. Wires – Old chargers, old headsets, old mobile phones
  5. Plastic Bags – Again, there are just soooo many!
  6. The DIY Playhouse I made for the kids – Awwww! I’ll surely miss you!


We woke up early on Sunday morning to bring everything to Parking 1A of Greenhills (across G-Strip). Since it was still early, there wasn’t much of a line yet. We unloaded the boxes of scrap and registered our names. All sorts of recyclables were everywhere, heaps of cardboard boxes, stacks of newspapers, boxes of plastic bottles, sacks of plastic bags, carts of electronic devices.  Inside the parking lot was a big orange garbage truck ready to accept all the materials once they have been weighed in. To add some humor to the whole thing, much to the delight of my toddler, there was a mascot constantly peeking out of the garbage truck seemingly delighted to see all the recyclables the people were bringing in.


When it was our turn with the scale, the men in green weighed in our scrap. They weighed it according to category as there is a different price per category. The woman in the booth then computed everything and handed out the money. So how much did I make? Before that, this is how they computed it, based on the handwritten “receipt” they gave me.

  • Newspaper – P3/kilo
  • Magazine – P3/kilo
  • Plastic Bottles – P16/kilo
  • Cardboard Boxes – P4/kilo
  • Wires – P20/kilo
  • Assorted – P1.5/kilo (The various papers and paper bags went here)
  • Electronics – P5/kilo
  • CPU – P150/pc
  • Plastic Bags – P3/kilo


Apart from the booths that accept the recyclables, there was also a stage where recycling talks and reusing demonstrations were being held. As with the lower right photo, the woman is demonstrating how to make something useful out of old magazine pages.   The lower left photo shows the booth of one of the participants, DoloMatrix, that accepts old and broken bulbs and CFLs for a fee. They don’t pay you for your CFL trash but you have to pay them to dispose these properly. For normal household consumers like us, it might make more sense to just throw them away than have to pay a fee for its disposal. For big companies that have to comply with standards however, it is a must for them to call such a company to properly dispose of these items.


The other booths showcased finished products of export quality borne out of recycling and reusing the scrap we have at home. Clockwise from top: Bags , home decor, jewelries from plastic packs and bottles. A colorful mask made from styrofoam beads. A very trendy and colorful export quality bag made from plastic sando bags. With these wonderful creations, I hope we can all think twice before we throw that trash away. Put it in the proper segregation bin, recycle it, reuse it, upcycle it.


Speaking of recycling, it would have been nice if we could actually see the process in action. Good thing there was this mobile recycling plant on the site. The technician feeds in styrofoam into the machine (lower left) and from it will come a big block of sort of plastic material (lower middle). From this renewed block, they can mold it into another product like the ruler my son is holding in the lower right photo.

This is our first time to join this recycling event and it was a fun and rewarding experience. Not only did we get to take home some shopping money (you’re still wondering how much I made), we also get to heave a contented sigh knowing that we have helped Mother Earth in our own small way. I hope that the organizers and co-presenters of this event, National Solid Waste Management Commission under the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, Barangays Greenhills and Wack-Wack, Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines, and Ortigas & Company will continue to hold such an event even for the years to come.




Halloween at The Alexandra

While a lot of people are having their halloween fun this weekend, we had ours a wee bit earlier. Our place didn’t have anything special planned so we joined the Circus Nightmare at The Alexandra in Pasig, thanks to a friend. Registration fee was P375 for each participant, inclusive of a loot bag from Universal Robina, coupons of free foodies from Dunkin Donuts, Red Ribbon, Munch Potato and Mr. Softy Ice Cream, and one-time access to face painting, carousel, and photobooth. Sponsors include Universal Robina, Super 8, Mr. Quickie, Chatime, Adobo Republic, Brothers Burger, Dunkin Donuts, Papa John’s, Red Ribbon, Bite Block, Mr. Softy, Munch Potato, Viridian in Greenhills, Purefoods Tender Juicy, and Smart Steps. The program was held at the condominium’s clubhouse, which was transformed into a dark haunted house but still adorned with enough color to look fun and inviting. Come on, let’s check it out!

We arrived a bit late so while everyone was in front grabbing seats, we took our time at the photobooth. Oh yes, we were the first to use it! By the way, those are not props, we came in looking like that! Haha!

When we finally went in front, we realized that we were just in time for the costume parade. There’s that cute little Tigger making his debut, wondering why everyone’s staring at him!

A series of entertaining acts followed, starting with the magician. Now where was my photo of that? Hmm…Anyway, the next act was the acrobat show. These guys were so great! Everyone was holding his breath as they climbed and tumbled.   The higher they went, the louder the gasps. Each successful landing was greeted with a roaring round of applause and a huge sigh of relief!

Kids in all kinds of colorful costumes!

The last act was that of the unicyclist juggler, which looks thrilling too, judging by the expression of the girl in the Chinese costume.

There were a couple of sponsor booths outside (mainly food, save for Smart Steps) where hungry trick or treaters used their coupons on. For those without coupons, cash was accepted.

Also outside were the cotton candy booth, the face painting, and the mini carousel.

After all the program and games was the actual trick or treating where trick or treaters, both young and old march around the condominium, per building, not per house, for treats. It was a warzone! Everyone went in the same direction, halloween basket outstretched, clamoring for goodies. There were not always enough treats for everyone so it was not long before the trick or treaters broke into a run just to be the first to get the loot. Whew! Wait up! Here are the treats that we gathered and the little Tigger going through his loot! Happy Halloween guys! =)


Grand Baby Fair Freebies

Happy 2012 everyone! =)

To kick off the New Year (both the regular and the Lunar), I’ll post the freebies that I got while attending Baby Company’s Grand Baby Fair at SM Megatrade Hall a while ago. Well, there is actually a minimum single receipt purchase of P2000 for you to get it but I’m sure you won’t have trouble reaching it as it is soooo easy to fill up a cart with so many items on sale! You’d also need a Mom Card, that’s like a pink SM Advantage Card that’s offered by Baby Company. So anyway, here’s what I got:

1. Swag Bag that contains the following:

  • 1 January-February 2011 Issue of Mom’s Today worth P100
  • 2 pcs Mimiflo Baby Hangers
  • 1 Toy Story Bath Sponge
  • 2 pcs Pampers Active Baby Medium sized diaper
  • 4 pcs Huggies Newborn Diaper
  • 1 Pair Hello Dolly Mittens
  • 1 set of 2 Chicco Pacifiers
  • 1 Mini Notebook
  • 1 Pen
  • 1 September 2011 Issue of K-Zone worth P100
  • 1 Ainon Burp Cloth
  • 1 St. Patrick Bib
  • 1 pack of 50-tips Cotton Buds
  • 1 Philips Avent VIA Breast Milk Storage
  • 1 Oilatum Bar
  • 1 SansFluo Tooth & Gum Wipes
  • 1 Looney Tunes/Disney Baby Keychain
  • 1 10mL Ceelin Drops
  • 1 25mL Johnson’s Body Care Lotion
  • 2 capsules Pro-Lacta Malunggay Capsule
  • 2 tablets Ascof Forte
  • 1 4mL sachet Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
  • 1 Pigeon Baby’s Pocketbook
  • 1 Gift Voucher at Great Image for a FREE Portrait Session & 2 wallet size prints
  • 1 P100 off coupon for Tiny Love products with a minimum purchase of P700
  • 1 small packet Charlie’s Soap hypoallergenic laundry powder
  • 1 sachet of Physiogel lotion

2. Cellphone Holder, not in photo because I was using it already to charge my phone.

Cool, huh? You can still catch the fair until tomorrow, January 29! Not only is it fun to shop for LO, it’s way more fun when you get freebies along with it! So go go go! =)