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Blogapalooza, Here I Come!

Blogapalooza Instagram 1

For some time now, Blogapalooza has been the word of the day in the online community that I am a part of. It’s the event for bloggers! Quoting the Blogapalooza website,

Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share. Blogapalooza is a blogger event on crack! Lots of giveaways for the bloggers and online community and a chance for big and small businesses to present their product / brand / thingamajig to hundreds of influential bloggers and online social media influencers.

While I may have started this blog a couple of years back, it was only in the last couple of months that I have really channeled my blogger persona, thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines. Being a newbie in all of this, I was hesitant to sign up. Besides, it says it right there “influential bloggers and online social media influencers”. With just a few page views, I think I’m far from influential.

Seeing the other mommies in the community sign up however, gave me the courage to register as well. You’d have to register and be invited to be able to attend. So I registered, crossed my fingers, and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. After a long wait and still no invite, I was feeling heartbroken. Maybe, I really am not ready yet. I felt so glum that I didn’t get an invitation while everyone else was getting theirs – until I got mine. Hooray Hooray! 🙂 I’m now part of the list.


Registration is still open.

Bloggers can register here.

Businesses can register here.

See you there!



His Awesome First Dental Visit

Ever since DA turned one, his pedia had been reminding me to schedule an appointment with the dentist (and the ophthalmologist) just to have everything checked. Bad mommy never got around to do it, until now, almost two years later. Oh my! How time flies! So here we are, at almost 3 years old, on our way to have his first ever dental visit. I brought DS along too. At least one of them was right on schedule! :p

A friend recommended The Dental Unit Family Dentistry located in BSA Twin Towers, just a stone’s throw away from Megamall. How convenient! We decided to give it a try.


We went up to the 6th floor and found the place.


Once inside, the kids settled on a comfy sofa in the waiting area to watch their favourite show that was playing on TV.


There were also books and other toys in a shelf to entertain the kids.


After I filled up the information form, the pedia dentist, Doc Effie Donnabel T. Sy, was ready to see DA. Knowing that young kids might be apprehensive about the whole dental experience, Doc Effie was all smiles when she struck up a friendly conversation with DA. She showed him around, pointed to this and to that, and finally enticed him to sit on her “magic” chair (the one that turns into a bed!).


Like a teacher in school, Doc Effie patiently explained first what she would do and the tools she would use before starting. Ate Dimple also held a mirror in front for him to see what would go on in his mouth. This helped DA get involved and made the experience more interesting and less frightening.


There he is, opening his mouth willingly and having his teeth cleaned and brushed and flossed, all the while listening to the benefits of regularly brushing his teeth.


Apart from explaining things, Doc Effie was also gaining brownie points by giving DA the power to choose. Here he chooses the floss colour and the type of mirror to use.


Whoopeee! All done! For being a good patient, DA got to take home a hand balloon and a treat from Doc Effie. 🙂


Here he is, showing his newly cleaned teeth, with his dentist, Doc Effie. Thank you doc for making DA’s first dental visit an interesting and an awesome one.


DS also had his turn but being too young I had to hold him and do a knee-to-knee with the doc which is why I wasn’t able to take photos. He was screaming the whole time also as he hates it when someone touches his mouth. Oh well, hope the next visit will be a better one for him. 🙂


The Dental Unit Family Dentistry
628 BSA Twin Towers
Ortigas Bank Drive,
1550 Mandaluyong, Philippines
(02) 654-1878
(0916) 659-8648

Tue – Fri: 10AM – 7PM
Sat: 9AM – 6PM

Services: General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry


First Haircut at Cuts 4 Tots

We’re past the one year mark already and it’s about time that DS gets his first haircut. Yipeee!

For this, we visited Cuts 4 Tots in VMall, Greenhills.

The bright colored interiors were so inviting that the kids immediately went in without a moment’s hesitation. Oooh and they get to drive a car while getting their hair cut! What fun!


To keep the young guests entertained, there was a shelf full of colourful toys, catering to both babies and older kids. Right across each car (barber’s chair) was a flat screen TV where the child’s favourite show (hint: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Hi-5) is being played. How much more fun can getting a haircut get?


Here’s a list of their services and their prices. Back when DA had his first haircut, I was able to buy a voucher from Ensogo that bundled the 1st Haircut Certificate and Kiddie Haircut for a much lower price. Not aware of any deals, I just went ahead with the simple haircut. I just took before and after photos and requested a lock of hair to keep.

Here’s DS sitting on his Lightning McQueen enjoying the steering wheel. It’d be more fun though if there were buttons that they can press that emit lights and sounds. Hehe, am I asking too much already? 😛03_sit

The barber then made him wear the coat for protection. It’s like a jacket complete with sleeves. DS was so cool with the whole thing (unlike someone from 2 years ago LOL!). 04_coat

The barber was quick with his hands that even before DS had the time to fuss, we were done! Whew!


Ta-da! Here’s the Little Shaolin. We’re hoping for a thicker head of hair after his first shave since as per the barber, it would help all the hair grow at the same time, giving the short ones time to catch up. Grow, hair, grow! 07_after

Since it’s a Throwback Thursday today, here’s DA’s first haircut photos from 2 years ago. 🙂


P.S. I just checked if there’s the Kiddie Haircut and First Haircut Certificate Bundle again in the deal sites and I found one here! Do take advantage of it. It’s a good deal. It’s even cheaper than getting the haircut alone. Ugh! So sad that I missed it! Oh well, you’ve been informed! 🙂





Halloween at The Alexandra

While a lot of people are having their halloween fun this weekend, we had ours a wee bit earlier. Our place didn’t have anything special planned so we joined the Circus Nightmare at The Alexandra in Pasig, thanks to a friend. Registration fee was P375 for each participant, inclusive of a loot bag from Universal Robina, coupons of free foodies from Dunkin Donuts, Red Ribbon, Munch Potato and Mr. Softy Ice Cream, and one-time access to face painting, carousel, and photobooth. Sponsors include Universal Robina, Super 8, Mr. Quickie, Chatime, Adobo Republic, Brothers Burger, Dunkin Donuts, Papa John’s, Red Ribbon, Bite Block, Mr. Softy, Munch Potato, Viridian in Greenhills, Purefoods Tender Juicy, and Smart Steps. The program was held at the condominium’s clubhouse, which was transformed into a dark haunted house but still adorned with enough color to look fun and inviting. Come on, let’s check it out!

We arrived a bit late so while everyone was in front grabbing seats, we took our time at the photobooth. Oh yes, we were the first to use it! By the way, those are not props, we came in looking like that! Haha!

When we finally went in front, we realized that we were just in time for the costume parade. There’s that cute little Tigger making his debut, wondering why everyone’s staring at him!

A series of entertaining acts followed, starting with the magician. Now where was my photo of that? Hmm…Anyway, the next act was the acrobat show. These guys were so great! Everyone was holding his breath as they climbed and tumbled.   The higher they went, the louder the gasps. Each successful landing was greeted with a roaring round of applause and a huge sigh of relief!

Kids in all kinds of colorful costumes!

The last act was that of the unicyclist juggler, which looks thrilling too, judging by the expression of the girl in the Chinese costume.

There were a couple of sponsor booths outside (mainly food, save for Smart Steps) where hungry trick or treaters used their coupons on. For those without coupons, cash was accepted.

Also outside were the cotton candy booth, the face painting, and the mini carousel.

After all the program and games was the actual trick or treating where trick or treaters, both young and old march around the condominium, per building, not per house, for treats. It was a warzone! Everyone went in the same direction, halloween basket outstretched, clamoring for goodies. There were not always enough treats for everyone so it was not long before the trick or treaters broke into a run just to be the first to get the loot. Whew! Wait up! Here are the treats that we gathered and the little Tigger going through his loot! Happy Halloween guys! =)


Baby on Board

All your luggages have been stowed, you’ve finally settled down on your seat. Flight time is approximately an hour. Ahh, just enough time to catch up on your sleep! The crew announced that they will be dimming the lights for takeoff. Perfect! You lay your head back and close your eyes…


Your eyes flew open! What the $#@%^ was that?!


It came again! This time longer.

You turn your head back to look. Much to your horror, you realize that it’s a…

When Ky was nearly nine months old, we decided to join hubby on his business trip to Cebu. The change of scenery would do us all some good, we thought. Besides, it’s just a short plane ride anyway. A few days before the big day, while I was getting all excited about Ky’s first trip, hubby was starting to have second thoughts. Should we still continue this? What if he makes a fuss? What if he cries on the plane the whole time? What if? What if? I didn’t know the answers to those questions as well so I simply said, well, we won’t know unless we try, won’t we?

Surprisingly, we survived that plane ride without any fuss. Here’s how:

1. Tank up on Sleep. We all know that a sleepy baby is a cranky baby. While waiting to board, Ky was able to take a catnap, just enough to give him enough energy for the plane ride.

2. Be Ready with Food/Drinks. While he was asleep, I strolled around the waiting area and found a Red Ribbon stall. I bought some soft pastries (mamon, butter cake, banana bread) just in case anyone got hungry. This turned out to be a lifesaver since nibbling was what kept Ky busy and fuss-less during the ride. Let your baby eat or drink especially during the take-off and landing period since this is the most agitating period. We adults usually deal with this by either yawning or swallowing but babies are not yet equipped enough to know this trick. You can thus help them by giving them something to eat or drink, forcing them to swallow, alleviating some of the pressure building in the ears.

3. Keep them Entertained. We were fortunate enough that the passenger behind us was baby-friendly. He was smiling and playing peek-a-boo with Ky which kept him entertained for a time. We also kept some of his toys in our hand carries, easy enough to grab in case he gets bored. 4. Improvise. Ky eventually got tired of his own toys so he went after other things. In the picture below, it was the camera he was after. I let him have his fun pressing the buttons. When he was tired of that, I got the safety sheet and pointed  to him the plane and the drawings. It also helped that we had a window seat, which gave him access to new sights and feelings through the window. 

On the plane ride home, there was also a baby passenger. Unlike Ky however, she was howling the moment the plane took off. I heard a few shhhs being passed around. Hubby and I had exchanged glances that time, both with the same thought in mind, Whew! Glad that ain’t my kid!

As Gaspard and Lisa (Disney Junior) would have said it “Triumph!”

P.S. I actually brought the Baby on Board sign on our trip haha!


Ky’s Vocabulary

Just for my personal reference, this is 13-month-old Ky’s spoken vocabulary so far:

  • koo – ku-ku (his uncle)
  • cooh – cold
  • da – daddy
  • tah – light
  • key – keys
  • cah – car
  • ba – banana
  • cah – crackers
  • ka – Ky
  • rawr – lion
  • ju – juice
  • chs – cheese
  • boh – ball
  • bah – balloon
  • cah – cat in the hat
  • up – up
  • a – alphabet song
  • kah – octopus
  • ba – toothbrush/umbrella
  • tah – star
  • cle – circle
  • coo – cook
  • boo – book
  • shwi-shwi – wiwi, although 8 out of 10 times, he just wants me to bring him to the bathroom to explore the stuffs there

These are all that I can remember for now. I’ll just update this list as I remember more or if I hear a new one 🙂