Yummy Healthy Macaroni Salad

Ingredients: (Clockwise from top left)

  • 1 Carrot, grated
  • 2 Chicken Breasts, boiled, skin removed, shredded
  • 1 Onion, diced
  • Lots of Grapes, sliced (around 1/3 kg)
  • Cheese, diced (I used the Kraft Eden one)
  • 4 Boiled eggs, diced (I had 2 extra because we just love ’em!)
  • 400g Salad Macaroni (cooked according to package instructions)
  • Mayonnaise (I used Lady’s Choice MayoLite)

Macaroni Salad Ingredients Macaroni Salad Ingredients The fresh grapes added a touch of sweetness to the salad. I’ve tried raisins before but not everyone in the family liked it. I used to put canned pineapple bits until I found this fresher alternative. Cutting it up into pieces was the hard part though since they were rather small. I don’t have any fancy magic kitchen tools so I just used plain kitchen scissors to do the trick. Macaroni Salad Ingredients To make, simply mix all the ingredients. Serve chilled. Macaroni Salad My kids love this! The great part is that they get some veggie and fruit servings from it when they normally would not take as is. Yum yum yummy! 🙂 BlogSign


Thanks, Mrs. Fields!

One Saturday morning, we were invited to Mrs. Fields Cafe, Treston International College branch in Taguig to claim our prize.

As we entered, this lovely wall collage of Mrs. Fields boxes and tin cans greeted us. I love the idea! Hmmm…maybe I can do the same for my wall next time…

On the left were shelves of gift items that were for sale. There were giant cookies and tin cans of pretty colors and sizes, perfect for gifts and giveaways. On the right were cozy cushions where customers can lounge around while enjoying the yummy pastries and dishes in the cafe.

Further down is the shelf below, another one of my favorites! The colors were so warm that it’s got a homey feel to it. On the displays were big colorful letters that spelled LOVE and SHARE, true to their campaign of Love it. Share it.

There we met Ms. Salve Francisco, Marketing Head of Mrs. Fields Philippines, who handed us our prize. Aside from the Samsung Galaxy Tab, we were surprised to receive more – a big bag of Mrs. Fields goodies! Whoopeee! Ms. Salve was very friendly and very accommodating, offering us refreshments and pleasant talk. Ky easily warmed up to her and was playing tag with her in no time! On the top left pic, Ky willingly gave daddy a kiss just to get a bite of the cookie that daddy was holding. Share daddy, share! 😀

The cafe was very spacious and cozy that Ky was getting really comfortable. He lounged around the sofas, ran around the place, playing with customers and waiters alike. With him getting comfy, we decided to check the menu. We were surprised to see rice meals and pastas. We learned that they only have 2 branches that serve these dishes, one here and the other at NAIA 3. Since it was already lunchtime and our stomachs were already growling, we decided to take the opportunity to try their dishes. I ordered a fish meal while hubby ordered chicken. Their meals can be enjoyed ala carte or combo where you add a couple of bucks to get your choice of cookie and a drink. We both enjoyed our meal, especially the cookie afterward!

So what’s in the bag? A box of cookies and another of brownies! Ahh, heaven! Oh, and there’s also a P500 worth of GC! More heaven next time! And the boxes are so nice! (You know how I’m such a sucker for these pretty packagings!) Sweet! Thanks so much, Mrs. Fields!