Our DIY Playhouse

One lazy evening, a crazy thought occurred to me – I will make a playhouse for Ky! I quickly scoured the house and found these two. If I combine them, it’d be just the size I need! This is how it looked when I taped the two together. I then cut out a door in front and windows on the sides.  I was so excited to get a look of the final design that I quickly cut up magazines and glued them all over the front of the house, just to see how it looks. Seeing that it looks nice gave me enough motivation to go on. At this point, I was making too much of a mess that hubby was starting to question what on earth I was making. When I told him what it’s supposed to be, he gave me an incredulous look and asked why I don’t just get a store-bought one instead. I did a quick check on Little Tikes and found that a playhouse costs roughly P20,000! Well, that’s why! At this point, I was starting to realize that the cardboard I used was not strong enough. This flimsy thing would not survive Ky’s rowdiness even for a minute! Luckily, I found these! I wish I’d started with these though because I practically had to redo the whole thing just to sturdy it up. With the new cardboard in, the house seems more stable now. The exterior of the house was covered with magazine pages. I chose pages with more text and less images to make it look plainer, whiter, and cleaner. For the border, I used a wall border that my sister in law gave me from her stash of 8 years ago. =)  I used poster paint to paint a blue border on the window and green on the door. I then attached a styro letter K on the door. Yes, it’s the same one from Ky’s dessert table last time. =)  That’s the interior, as seen through the other window. I posted two small Mickey Mouse jigsaw puzzle boards on both sides of the window. There’s the big boy inside! Oops, he seems to be taking out the magazine pages!If you like this, please help this entry win in Asus Philippines’ Find Your Zen Contest. To vote:

  • go to the Find Your Zen App http://on.fb.me/RmPfAq (voters must first like the Asus Philippines Facebook page)
  • click on ‘Entries‘ and then click on ‘Top10
  • scroll through the entries until you see our DIY playhouse (@cherds on top)
  • click on the ‘Thumbs UP’ sign next to the photo to ‘Like’ the entry

Thanks so much everyone! 😀

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